World of Warcraft Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Maybe add a crossover with other games? Like what Final fantasy did with Monster hunter.
    Deviate the story line of WoW Vanilla. Not so interesting when you know what's gonna happen next.
    Lack of community. Please add more features where we can add and invite our friends to play with us not just bots.
    Bring back the classic building tower games.
    Make it free to play!
    Add more features and make it more interesting.
    Add more WoW iconic characters to Heroes of the Storm
    Make new peak-level items much higher than the cap as a reward for completing the dungeons.
    Putting this game to steam would be nice! I think more players will play this game again.
    Characters which are not scaring should be incorporated.

    Try to put it in android phones like mobile legends. It will get improve and can easily recognize by the users

    Make if free to play and put it on steam! I've been looking for this to happen.

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