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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Add Boba! Asians would crazy for it
    User idea image
    Nutella Frappuccino would be so good!
    I hope they could also come up with a frap for people who don't want too much sugar on their drinks. like using artificial sweeteners. :D
    Add more healthiest drinks and flavors. Maybe even if its a low calories fat and sugar but still flavorful.
    Butter Beer for us Harry Potter Fans please!
    Birthday Cake flavored Starbucks drinks would be LIFE
    Create a RESERVE Starbucks coffee shop that is catered towards 3rd wave or high end coffee
    Stop over-roasting your coffee beans and preserve the high quality taste of the bean
    more tea flavored frappuccino - like chamomile or lavender tea frappuccino
    ube or taro flavored frap for the asian market
    Limited edition cups, try partnering with other brands, games or TV shows and have them design the cups for variation!
    User idea image
    Add real fruits as toppers.
    Find a healthier alternative sweetener
    Annual racial bias training for employees!
    Starbucks South Korea released the Avocado blended drink as a seasonal menu, please release a Leche Flan and Halo-Halo blended drink as a seasonal menu in the Philippines - Summer vibes!
    Add more coffee flavors.
    Could be better if served some fruits.
    Could be better if served some fruits.
    Add organic ingredients with less sugar
    Holiday drinks should be offered year-round to increase sales. There should be more flavor pumps to increase drink variety. A Make-Your-Own-[Blank] should be introduced with a list of available items to put in drinks. A larger variety of sandwiches and baked goods should be added as well.
    When you go to Starbucks to order a almond milk frap, yhe whip cream is still made with dairy. How about completely dairy free drinks!
    Donut-flavored line. Go right after Dunkin, and do it with DELICIOUS drinks with a donut-y twist. Sprinkles around the rims? Who says no?
    Ferraro rocher holiday frappe Or kit Kat frappe Or biscotti frappe
    Special seasonal designed cups to attract people who want to promote on their social media platforms. Survey around looking for unique new drink flavors for certain events/movies ( limited time).
    Ask the customer what blend of coffee is wanted when ordering a simple "black coffee". There are multiple behind the counter, and you're never really sure which you are receiving.
    Offering a low calorie whipped cream to put on top of drinks.
    Incorporate "healthy" drinks on the menu like shots for immunity boosts, colds (especially during the holiday season), or even collab with companies like Dirty Cookie to sell edible shot cups made of cookie with coffee or hot chocolcate inside during the holidays.
    Make a push towards environment friendly cups and straws. It would be cool if they were edible or were able to be used to plant flowers or something like that.
    Start carrying non-dairy Reddi Whip for those who are sensitive to dairy or choose to not use it. That way you are opening up the whole Frappucino experience to another segment of the population.
    Fruity frappes with fruit bits for healthy living.

    go natural nowadays people love being environmental friendly take advantage of boracay and manila bay rehab like programs to help maintain the cleanliness but buying a drink or put a starbucks their that shows the waste treatment  via so that people will support

    I hope they make drinks customized per month, not just the significant holidays. For example, make a "January Frappucino" or "May Latte" and have the cups designed in line with the theme of the month. :D

    Starbucks menu and its  bold signature espresso is the best. Having you taste it makes you regenerate and refresh. Calming and its soothing tastes yummy. Add some more and relax. Enjoy it. ❤

    I'm dying of ube flavour...

    They should explore another kind of ingredients that can attract the customers 

    Make a survey to find out what is the customer taste buds. Make the ingredients healthy and organic

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