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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Make a high end version of the Big Mac and Use Premium Beef!
    Offer Online Pickup in the Store just like Starbucks.
    I hope what we see is what we get. When you advertise, It looks very big but in reality, it looks disappointing.
    Let customers "create their own" Big Mac - Mix n Match menu
    Make a new idea of having a Small Mac, for a much higher price but tastier that no one had ever tasted yet.
    A double Big Mac would be nice. I think 1 Big Mac is not enough.
    I'm such a cheese addict! I hope we could have them add more cheese to it.
    Mini Big Mac for those on diet =)
    Make some spicy burger. Spicy Big Mac anyone?
    Add a "new Mcdonalds secret menu" item not just for burgers, Like Spaghetti pasta supreme (1 big order of spaghetti with beef patty strips on top) or a burger made from french fries (2 big criss-cut fries with a patty in the middle). ~ love "Surf-n-turf" by the way!
    User idea image
    Different sizes and colors would make it more beautiful.
    List the additives and ingredients of the meat
    Large items (such as the Big Mac) should be cut in half to minimize the amount of mess the burger creates. Customization (such as making it spicy, adding bacon, etc.) should be available for all burgers and sandwiches, not just select few. Sides like Cajun fries and/or onion rings could be added to the menu for more side variety.
    We should have a mini Mac and the option of gluten free buns. It would add a mass amount of sales because there would be healthier options.
    McDonald's needs to embrace that their ice cream machines never work. It's a running joke, but it's actually true. They should use that in branding: on the soda cups can read "our ice cream machine doesn't work but the soda machine DOES". On the fries container, "Don't you wish you could dip the fries into ice cream? Sorry our machines don't work". It's BRILLIANT.
    Make the Big Mac patty a little bigger to fit to the edge of the bun. Make sure they are served hot they are usually never past room temp other than that perfect
    Promote the McDonald's App a bit more , handing out special deals like fries, hash brown, four piece of nuggets, McCafe. Using the App to lure people to buy additional stuff with orders such as fries , nuggets, and whatnot. Offer small appetizers , that compliments a meal.
    While the simplified menu has made things easier, it could be shortened a bit more. Or at least presented in a way where it isn't difficult to find the items you are searching for within seconds.
    More and more people are becoming vegans and vegetarians now a days so they should add a veggie burger to the menu.
    Sliders on the menu and even adding different flavored fries according to the season.
    Push toward a healthier menu without changing the taste or convenience. Then run a campaign based on that.
    McDonald's has done a test drive of their vegan burger in Sweden and Finland. It is time to take it global. The perspective towards food is starting to shift in a healthier direction, and fast food chains need to keep up. Adding healthier options like more salads, gluten-free and vegan options, and removing the beef flavoring from their french fries!
    What about a Wagyu burger? I saw somebody do that in Jr.Masterchef.
    Try creating big mac that will show case the world. Example, japanese version of big mac or mexican version of big mac. Give it the touch of every country’s paradise.
    Maybe it's about time that the "World's best french fries" improve its crispness time. McDonald's should come up ways regarding the curing method of its potatoes. I believe many of your loyal customers will agree that retaining its crispness for an hour or two would be highly appreciated.
    Healthy, natural, non-gmo options would bring a higher volume and variety of customers. People are waking up to the fact that fast-food quality is not healthy (especially MC Donalds) even if very convenient sometimes. So why not to make healthy fast-food?

    pretty service crews please

    Instead of using premium beef, use wagyu beef instead but the price still remains.

    Make a rewards card. Get corresponding points in every meal purchased. The points can then be use to have a discount or even buy a meal.

    Wow! Thats amazing. Here in the Philippines we love Jollibee,another company of fast food, but in research we know that mcdonald's is #1 in a very unique way. Its class , quality and presentations as well..  haha just laugh  so my oppinion is this that what ever we buy we always see its quality and affordability so that we wont waste our money , time and effort.  

    Aside from cola, iced tea, pineapple and coffee they should also have hot tea for those people taking good care of their health.

    McDonald's here in the Philippines are starting to have different flavor like as of now they have FLAVORS OF JAPAN and since many Filipinos are fond of Korean foods maybe they could also try the KOREAN FLAVORS/TOUCH OF KOREAN FLAVOR in their menus. 

    User idea image

    Add more cheese please... i love cheese..

    I want them to make a healthy food that can benefit the consumers because some of their food are high in calories and it makes someone gets fat easily. I watched a documentary about eating Mcdonald meals everyday can makes your life ahorter

    Make a survey and ask the consumer preferences. Find out which food can benefit them 

    They should make a lot of promos in every purchase of their meal so that they can grab a lot of customers 

    Make a free taste. 

    Make it healthy 

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