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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Put a code or anything to differentiate the original LV bags from the fake ones in the market.
    Too much pricing. Make LV bag inspired by a less fortunate people. I mean like me I can't afford it even the secondhand. But thank god I have one. Gift from a rich friend.
    Make a new logo for the Louis Vuitton Purses.
    Make more colorful bags. You can also release a children's collection.
    I would like a glow in the dark Louis Vuitton bag and there should be an option to turn it off/on! Imagine users having problems looking for their bag at night, with this feature, it will no longer be a problem!
    User idea image
    Make it a slash-proof bag, judging by its expensive price adding strength to the fabric/material would def make this a good buy.
    I would make a version of this bag cheaper, but only die hard fans can get this bag to maintain the brands exclusivity.
    Modernize the concept of the branded logo keeping the outside of the bag clean with maybe a textured logo embossed into the fabric.
    I would revamp all the classic bags with a modern feel. The two toned brown bag is beautiful, but what if it had color blocking embedded within the design construction of the bag. keep it clean cut of course. i would enlarge the logo on the bag as well, depending on which bag is being designed. Take the hand held strap and instead of leather or another fabric, use a gold handle with a magnetic clip with a turn function to make it harder for someone without this bag to go into it.
    User idea image
    You can not make this bag better except to make it water proof. This bag is perfect the way it is and should not be touched. But if i had to change anything, i would make the straps adjustable to size.
    By manufacturing them into different size with different colors and classifying them into different prices.
    By manufacturing them into different size with different colors and classifying them into different prices.
    I would make the bag to be beige, and the inside of the bag should be all in the brand's letters.
    Louis Vuitton is a classic. I would remove all the prints and make solid colors and keep the LV chain in gold so you know that it's a Louis Vuitton bag.
    I would make the handle detachable and also add a strap so you can wear it as a cross body bag as well.
    I love a good Louis but sometimes I really feel they need zippers on them I carry too much stuff a square speedy would be great
    More color ways and Bag styles. A combination of a messenger bag that could be adjusted to a back pack etc. Make people feel like they can have a variety of looks from one piece is always an easy sell. Also v.v to create more limited edition color way pieces for holidays such as the way nike would do with the Air Force. The " Valentine's Day Bag" " Independence Day Bag" Even Thanks Giving etc. Use every possible marketing niche to your advantage for sought after consistency.
    Make it RFID-blocking to protect your phone, cards, passports, and other items. RFID-blocking designed to help insulate you from a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing, called RFID skimming. The concern is that some credit cards, passports, and driver's licenses now come with embedded radio frequency identification chips.
    Make the image bigger or use a smaller purse. I would also tuck in the straps of the bag. Let it look more relaxed versus so up tight.
    I suggest creating a tag or code that differentiates between a real Louis Vuitton bag and a fake one. For this specific bag, I would change the strap to something more classy, like a braided gold chain, to make the elegance of the bag. In addition, I would sell this bag in different sizes, from wallet size, to cross-body, to satchel, and to this big 'diaper' bag size. I would also offer the bag in different colors, like white with brown writing, brown with gold writing, and black and gold writing. This bag needs more variation in colors and sizes to reach a wider target audience.
    Customization - put you initials or name on your item
    The brand speak for itself already I would just make the brand more exclusive and add more color options.
    Modernize the design and overall aesthetic of the bag. Asymmetrical designs like the "V" tote bag are whats most popular now. Add a satin twisted chain for more appeal, and maybe even color block the whole tote.
    An additional strap should be provided for the carrier to wear as a crossbody/on the shoulder style rather than having to carry it in their hand or inside their elbow.
    Have more collabs like to look more modern and up to date, like the one they had with Supreme and Jeff Koons. Example: H&M Moschino, Nike and Off-white, CROCS and Christofer Kane, JW Andrson and Uniqlo or even with some celebrities like Rihana or Kardashians or IG bloggers/fashion influencers.
    Louis Vuitton is known for their LV monogram on their bags. This differentiates the brand from many other brands, but it doesn't help differentiate the real bags from the fake ones. Each bag needs to have a specific serial number, preferably engraved on the bottom of the bag, that only LV comes up with. The purse shown in the picture above, should have a longer handle, it looks too small and uncomfortable compared to the size of the bag. They should create the same bags but have only the letters LV all over the bag instead.

    Make a trendy style and also make it more colorful because some of the people loves the new style even though its local

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