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How would you make Kylie Jenner Lipstick Kits better?


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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Put a code or something to differentiate the original ones and the fake ones. Fake Kylie lip tints are everywhere.
    It will be really nice if you add many new matte colors.
    Make a glossy but super matte liquid lipstick with Vitamins or anti-dryness coz sometimes matte makes our lips dry.
    Make a matte that lasts up to 48 hours.
    Black color will surely be the best.
    Make a lipgloss that will make your lips look healthy and natural.
    Increase stocks. Customers don't like to wait for stocks.
    How about a glow in the dark lipstick?
    Make a long-lasting lipstick that stays on for a week even right after you brush your teeth. It'll save you time putting on everyday!
    I think kylie should use her dads star power and come out with a lgbtq line in rainbow colors.
    Natural and vegan products are becoming a hit in makeup and fashion creating an all natural gloss or transitioning the company/ adding a sister company into organic cruelty-free to drive in a new audience.
    Do a color line specified toward the african american market. use all african american models, and incorporate shea butter and other natural ingredients into her lines. what would be really dope is if she had a mixologist themed cocktail kit, where you could custom mix your own colors through an app or online, and create your perfect shade or your own perfect kit.
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    Make more available. I would try it if it was at Sephora so I can swatch it in store
    These lip kits are beautiful except the fact that they make my lips so dry! Adding vitamin E oil (or any ingredient that can make lips not look dry) would be an amazing idea.
    Next to the lipstick and lipliner in the kit should be a small scrab and balsam for lips. That way, there will be everything needed to make our lips look perfect.
    I would make these glosses an in between gloss. I would make it glossy and matte. Giving the customer a little of both worlds in one gloss especially to the ones who dont like matte lipsticks.
    Kylie can put her lip kits in more stores. I know she just did a deal with Ulta Beauty, but she can add more stores and always make sure she has all of her items in stock on her own site. She can also put in the packaging what lip liner or eye shadow colors would work best with the lip color. Not everyone like to use the same color lip liner and lip color together.
    Can we get something that’s actually moisturizing not full of glitter or pigment alywas have a your lips but better gloss without the extra glitter or matte drying look
    Ky is doing great . She should make a Forbes inspired color way. Maybe add to the collection in lip balm, body cream, etc. expand it in a way that burts bee's has done to attract a larger audience of women and men who don't necessarily use lipstick but could still benefit from other all use brand product.
    make a Kylie Jenner Lipstick Kits better that is custom. you get to pick 7 seven of your favorite colors and you get them for the same price as your average Kylie Jenner Lipstick Kits. That way you don't get a color you don't want for the same price as a set.
    I would offer a sale or discount with these products. For example, you can offer a deal where if you buy 6 lip glosses, you get one for free. Another idea is to sell gift boxes, where each customer can select up to 4 different lip glosses and get them for the price of 2. This way the customers are bound to spend more money on the product because they will think they are getting more of the product then they are spending. I would also offer a rewards program where if you buy a certain number of lip glosses, you get a free one, or any other free gift. I would also offer many more colors (matte and glossy), as well as lip liners to match. A lip gloss and lip liner set would be a perfect Christmas gift to give this season!
    If the lip kits came in reusable "kits" not just boxes you can throw away. Customize a cool carrying case for the lipsticks, pencils and glosses that you can carry with you in your purse.
    I would add more shades for color girls with darker lips and add sun protection.
    Make the lip stains more inclusive and personalized with pH reactant products, and maybe even customizing the color a consumer wants, where they can choose to mix two colors to make a whole different color or, be able to swatch a totally new color, for themselves or mass production.
    Maybe Kylie cosmetics could allow costumers have a refill on their product? Launching refillable packaging is helping the environment and can attack more costumers.
    The drip effect and the writing should all be in the color black for the matte lips and for the glossy lips the drip effect should be in white as should the writing.

    Make it organic that can't affect the lips of the customer. Use a user friendly content. Use a high quality products but safe to use

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