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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Make the mobile version optimized for other devices. You guys focused only on Samsung and other devices
    Add some kind of Weekly "Battlecup".
    Incorporate cryptocurrency on the game. Some sample use cases: Micro-transactions, rewards, trading ^_^
    Make new modes? like King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Search and Destroy.
    Incorporate vehicle for this game, something futuristic, like Jetpack, hovercraft, etc.
    Add a pet system, that will let you carry loots, track enemy team, or do a surveillance.
    Make a features that will filter and terminate all the cheaters and noobs.
    How about we add some tiers according to skill level? In this way, we will compete with people who are in the same skill level.
    New weapons and maps!
    Make a new game mode like build a base and destroy afterward.
    Add superhero skin or any popular skin.
    Different themed maps available (Change of color, terrain, Christmas-themed etc.)
    Have special tasks where we can unlock a certain skin/character after completing that certain task!
    Add more advanced weapons.
    a KYC feature, so you can team-up with players having the same age as yours. Cause most of the time age gap makes the game so difficult. Some of the players are playing seriously while others are just trolling and being cancer on the team.
    Since they already added Thanos in the mix, let's add Goku, Saitama, or Superman next.
    User idea image
    Increase Player Limit on Playground match. Increasing that number would allow larger groups of friends to play with and against each other.
    More arcade game modes like king of the hill, capture the flag and hunter vs hunted
    Add "Play of the match" or Match MVP after each game. Great for sharing and free marketing
    Make cool new stuff (body and arm armor, helmet, shield, weapons) you put on your character on certain season level reached.
    Add more players that can join in Save the world mode, make it more difficult instead of having a classic way of defending yourself against a horde of zombies. Why not include a group mission to find something inside the area while fighting hordes of zombies.
    Let us shoot through leaves Instead of making the whole tree, including the leaves, a solid object. It gets in the way at times specially when you're shooting someone. I suggest just making the body of the tree instead to be a solid object.
    User idea image
    Perfect! However, add different colors and more friendly features.
    How about limiting stuffs you can carry for more strategic play style on game ? Fortnite player here! it's very awkward pulling out shotgun on my back.
    Create more servers worldwide for better latency so more player will be encourage to play because of lower ping.
    Kindly create more maps and many weapons so many people will get more interested.
    Kindly put a camouflage clothes in a supply.
    Create a anime outfit because many people tend to become an anime character.
    Make a Nintendo Switch version!
    I would add an Augmented-reality p2p gameplay option!
    How about cross-play? It's nice to see other platforms play and compete with each other.
    Add a campaign mode

    I think its a perfect epic play that it won lots of awards. 

    More heros creative design and wider maps more weapons. Cooperative members. 

    If you have just started playing fortnite and you don’t know much about the game, you need to be engaged in the combat as much as you can. Of course, this will result in a few casualties, and you will lose more often than winning duels, but it will benefit you in many great ways. You will quickly know a lot more about different weapons, their recoiling system and you will also see the flow of combat with a better perspective. The best thing is to try not to win games but to win duels; wich might sound strange.

    By introducing Blockchain based market place for Characters, Building  Materials Specially Wood, Metals, & Stones, Where Player can directly exchange items with each other and can sell enhance items & characters. it will allow more adoption plus profits for Developers

    Augment Reality Version will also attract modern tech gamers. 

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