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    How would you make this better? This section allows you to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own idea. Ideas are meant to make the project better and improve what already exists. Get paid now.

    Overhaul policies regarding political activity
    Provide better filters to prevent online bullying
    Add subtitle for Facebook video live streams
    Add access to Public free wi-fi networks.
    Create a Save for Later feature with reminders for when convenient
    Implement a point system where-in users can get points when they are active in facebook.
    Create more security to avoid accounts being hacked.
    Make an activity level and automatically deactivate all the account with 0% activity coz its 100% dummy account. And I hope we can see who viewed our profile.
    Customization of BG and font for your timeline.
    User idea image
    Augment VR + Facebook. Virtual chat room. Virtual plaza. ^_^
    Add cryptocurrency wallet in the app
    Enable Facebook purchases like Wechat.
    How about deleting friend suggestion, cause its so annoying when someone pops up on your newsfeed and you didn't even know the person. Also when you hide the suggestions after refreshing there it goes again. So please delete it, what if you are hiding from a perpetrator on facebook, suddenly he/she saw your facebook because of the friend suggestion. Even you create multiple accounts to avoid other people from seeing your account, your profile will still show to others as suggested friend.
    Make a team designated to monitor private groups who sell prescription drugs illegally and forcefully close the room once proven that they have violated it.
    Less advertisement, my news feed is being flooded by advertisement and suggested channel/page.
    Can you also please fix the messenger app. It annoys me even my status is offline my friends and family sees me online.
    Add features which deactivates bullying and abusive language.

    a filter in the newsfeed like adult so you can opt to not show adult content whenever your newsfeed is flashed in public

    since some groups only allow one post of the same topic can we have an option to group selected post and automatically repost/bump them up in all group feeds so i don't need to comment on each so they will be on top. 

    hope i can comment on all my selected post at the same time instead of commenting on each

    Include star emoji in the like section. 

    Hope we can see who viewed our profile

    Hope if we save our password automatically in one device it cant open by others devices. 

    Makes Facebook free for all the netizens. So that they can easily communicate and to share their opinions 

    Can back the messages that you deleted and can retrieve your post that youve deleted. 

    Can report those fake accounts and scammers

    There should be a high requirement or a human verification so that no one can make a dummy accounts that can harm the other people 

    Make a free data for everyone 

    Preventing each users automatically added on a group chats and facebook groups. It is totally annoying.

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